I’ve been missing…


I haven’t posted hear since I finished my PIDP courses.  Things have been a bit crazy on my end and for those that know me personally already know that in September, 2014 I was involved in a merger at work.  This gave me two choices…don’t teach any more and go work in a department where you have no passion OR quit your job, follow your dreams and be true to your self.  I am sure you can guess which I chose.  My journey as a corporate trainer and through my diploma, I discovered my passion, I love to see people grow.  What better way to do that than through teaching?  So, I took a leap!  I didn’t sign my contract, I received a severance package and went on my way.  After 7 years with the company, it was a really hard decision.  So many things in my life can be linked back to my work, meeting friends and even family.  But ultimately, I needed to follow my gut!

The morning before I handed in my blank offer letter I had a job interview to teach casually at a local college.  I was so excited and thought of this as a sign!  I got the job and turned it out (for political and financial reasons, it’s okay.)  This gave me even more drive to realize I made the right decision.

SO, now what?

Once school finished, which was shortly after my last day at work, I felt great!  Things were going well.  Slowly time had passed and not once did I regret the decision I made rather thoughts of doubt would creep into my mind about my future.  The “GREMLIN”, you know, the green monster in your mind that gives you self doubt and can sometimes be convincing if you let him?  Anyways, the further away from teaching I got, the harder it was for me to see me in that role.  Regardless, I kept remembering the day I spoke to my former boss and made my final decision, how AMPED I was to make the decision.  With that memory on my mind, I set out to find bigger and better things and remember WHY I made this change and WHY this is my passion.

My journey is still continuing and with prospects of a few teaching jobs, and having an interview today, I am motivated again!  It doesn’t take much to get back to your passion.

What I have learned from this journey?  You should never not follow your dream because it seems scary, if it’s scary then you know it is worth it.  Honor your self and do what you love.  And just because you “fall off the horse” or loose focus on what you love, don’t underestimate the power of a single act because just like that you could be brought back to where you were and be just as in love with it.


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