Pose – Pause – Pounce – Bounce

A questioning technique to be used in any classroom!

Pose– ask a question: Pause– be quiet:Pounce– ask a student: Bounce– ask another student what they think..

It can be really hard to “pause” it is important to EMBRACE THE AWKWARD SILENCE! You can’t expect your students to come up with an answer immediately after a question is asked, pause long enough to allow ample time for answers.  If you’ve waited as long as you possibly can bare to wait, ask a student.  Reading your room is important here, if someone looks like they are deep in thought or maybe their body language is saying ” I think I have something to say” but they haven’t, ask them!  Last, ask opinions from other students on what they think about that response – it is important here to make this a judgement free zone especially in terms of opinion based questions that aren’t really right or wrong.

The next point to make about “pose” is if you don’t get a response, before you give your thoughts on the question, try to answer it in a different way!  Remember, because it makes sense in your head, maybe it doesn’t in others’.



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