The Flipped Classroom – Summary

The following is a summary of the forum discussion that was facilitated by Julie, Barb and Dwayne:

It seems like the discussion on the Flipped Classroom has come to an end.  Thanks for all the great discussion and resources.  Many will be going to my blog.  In review of many of the posts it seems like we were all very “wowed” by the concept on first introduction.  Once more research and a few layers of the onion were pulled back it seems the discussion took a more critical, reflective approach. The power of education at work I suppose.  Yes, it is a great concept but to be used appropriately and what may work for one class, may not be effective for another as some of the research presented suggested, the sciences and maths for instance.  I like Dwayne’s post re: the 7 concepts of the Flipped Classroom as I think they addressed a lot of really key practical solutions/challenges, ie) class space availability.  In a perfect world some of these ideas look good but we all know that in the real world of education life is not always ideal.  Thanks again for all the input!


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