Stress – It can be your friend!

A lot of people experience stress when dealing with technology.  New programs and devices are being released every minute, or so it seems like.  How do we keep up?  How do I learn all of these new things?

Changes in the world of technology are inevitable and that can be very stressful for a pretty big chunk of the current population.

I watched the TED Talk posted below and it has completely changed my perspective on stress. 

Stress is always associated with “the bad” and “the ugly” – but lets look at it differently…

Imagine if you would, being in a stressful situation – I bet your heart is pounding, your breathing is getting rapid and you might even feel a bit cold in your fingers and toes.  Is that a bad thing?  or is your body preparing you to take on the challenge ahead?

What would happen if you felt the “symptoms” of stress and instead of stressing about being stressed…you got excited.  I am READY to take on this challenge and I am EXCITED to face this. 

Mind set and perspective have a huge impact on how we live our daily lives and being self aware is step number one to changing your mind set.  If you know you are stressed out or that you are feeling negative it is a lot easier to identify WHY you are feeling that way, “can I think about this differently?, how do I want to be thinking about this?, What is stopping me from changing my mind set?”  These questions can help you take on bigger challenges, learn and do things that originally had you feeling the BAD kind of stress.

Take a look at this inspiring TED Talk and see for your self:


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