Food for Thought – Tech Trends for 2014

I have posted a link here for an article the CBC published at the beginning of 2014.  It is an article of all of the technology trends we will be seeing (or should be) in 2014.

I suggest taking a look at it and seeing all of the possibilities we have as educators to continue to implement technology into our classrooms!  If we can now see a doctor on our mobile device or wear our technology lives in the form of a pair of glasses, we need to keep up with these trends in the classroom. 

I do however, often wonder when I read articles and hear about new technologies, is the market growing too fast?  What I mean by this is, my smart phone isn’t as “smart” as it should be, my apps crash, my lap top’s touch screen technology is slightly flawed and for heavens sake my stapler barely even functions with the one task it was made to do.  The market sells new IDEAS, and maybe these ideas work well at first or on paper but as soon as one aspect of the technology world advances it seems something else suffers for it.  For example, The new Samsung Galaxy 5 comes out and a software update is available for my S3, this update was never meant to be supported on the hardware that is provided with the S3 and my device is now compromised because of it.  What I am getting at here, why don’t we perfect what we have before we move forward with new ideas ( I know why…$$$$!!!)

With all of this, I am trying to get to the point that it can be difficult as an educator to be keep up with technology trends!  It is necessary, yes and that is basically what my entire blog is about but the difficult part is that it is always changing and we often find our selves out of date before opening the box and the frustrating part is some of these trends aren’t perfect and it almost seems that we are brain washed to believe that these devices and programs are perfect.  We as educators need to discover what works well and what doesn’t and implement the RIGHT technology in our class.

Anyways, take a look at the link listed below and let me know what you think of the trends for this year!


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