Down With PowerPoint – DWPP, Part 1

I am here to talk about a few amazing ways to deliver a message to your students.  There are so many resources out in the world wide web that allow you to create engaging presentations so why are so many institutions still using PowerPoint?

PowerPoint only allows for so much creativity and engagement.  I find nothing worse than turning all the lights off in a room and allowing a slideshow suck all the life out of my classroom!  I consider myself to be a very bubbly and engaging person and this really shines when I facilitate so for me, there is nothing worse than seeing the looks on students’ faces when they drift away in ” la la land” and obtain maybe 10% of what you are talking about.  So again I ask…why am I still using this?  Well, I don’t have too much say in this but I am certainly doing my homework on other programs and working on “selling” the emancipation of PowerPoint

The first web resource I want to talk about is

Prezi is a cloud based website that allows for the creation of an engaging and original presentation.  So far, from what I have been able to do to play around with this program is it seems fairly user friendly and is free for the very basics of creating your presentation.  You can of course upgrade buy purchasing a subscription and allowing for more cloud storage or security.  In my opinion, Prezi is an easy to learn/use program and will keep your students engaged when PowerPoint simply won’t

Check out this short intro video on prezi:

This video explains how you can import your power point from PPT to Prezi (and its simple too!):

The one here shows you how to add in videos to your Prezi:

Prezi is so simple and can be extremely versatile, you can do just about anything!  I’m sure there are going to be some things that as a long user of PPT you will think “why cant I do this”  and getting used to a new program can be challenging especially if you feel you have just mastered powerpoint.  Using an interactive program such as this is worth learning to use if it means your students will attain more information.  After all, it is a proven fact that we learn more from pictures and seeing rather than hearing.  Check out this site for a quick reference explaining learning through Pictures Vs. Words

Stay tuned for my next post talking about a similar website with a different platform – Powtoon





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