Reflections: Web-conference experience

                The first thing I think when I hear “web-conference” is the word awkward and nerve

wracking.  I would personally rather stand in front of a room full of executives and speak

than interact through web-conferencing.  However, having the opportunity to do so through

this course, specifically this assignment the mentioned awkwardness has lessened.  An open

mind and repetition is a necessity when attempting to conquer a fear or to create comfort

when performing a particular task.  As Orson Scott Card quotes “In order to learn, one must

change one’s mind”.  Fortunately, with this assignment I have has the opportunity to

experience this and keep an open mind to the possibilities.

                Web-conferencing is something that the world is embracing to replace and enhance

certain aspects of our daily work lives such as training and general communication.  Being

able to see the group you are having a meeting with or training creates a personal feel to the

topic.   Getting over the “awkward phase” of this interaction is the gateway to a successful


                Below is a link to a helpful website that compares the top 10 web-conferencing

programs and websites, giving ratings on various aspects of each program and also provides

information on what web-conferencing is and why companies and schools are choosing to

take this direction.


Web Conferencing Services

“In order to learn, one must change one’s mind” – Orson Scott Card


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