Reflections: Trends in my current fields and how I am preparing to address them

                As a training specialist in a retail environment you can expect that the technology

we use is changing and is doing so daily.  Currently ,my company is going through the

biggest technology change it has ever seen in its 56 years of business.  We are integrating

the famous SAP program into our stores replacing the ridiculously outdated technology that

is currently being used.  The biggest trend I deal with on a day to day basis is nothing other

than change. 

                With this company becoming more tech savvy, introducing SAP to the stores,

integrating tablets, and smart phones in our every day work lives, learning needs to keep up

with these changes.  The “big guys upstairs” have put a lot of thought into this and what

seems to be trending the most is web based or distant learning.  Two key trends in my

business are webinars and a virtual learning website that allows any colleague to sign on and

take a course on any topic they want to learn more about whether they are at home or at

work they have the ability to learn more about the job they do.  Of course, this is very

convenient and cost effective, teaching 300 people from across the company at the same

time with no travel involved, it sounds like a dream come true!  Yes, money wise webinars

and web conferencing is a great solution but to what cost is it for those adult learners who

don’t attain information by simply listening to someone talk or watching them click a mouse

on their screen.  Have we lost focus on personalized, effective training so save a few dollars? 

                As the trainer on the other side of these webinars or web conferences, I need to be

engaging!  Practicing how to deliver constructivist learning, the theory that I hold true to in

my field.  With this trend on the rise I need to be able to engage and create an environment

that creates experiential learning.  Preparing for this to me means understanding my

material fully and knowing how to use the webinar programs so mistakes are not made

which may cause distractions and lose of interest from my students.  Next I need to prepare

content related questions and discussion topics during the course to create a sense of

involvement and attempting to create an experiential learning environment . 

                Being able to embrace the online learning world will help me job today and

especially tomorrow.  As this form of training is trending in most adult classrooms,

adaptation is the only way an adult educator can become successful. 


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